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More Neo-Nazi Acts In Eretz Yisroel?

as1.jpgJust two days after a Neo-Nazi group was busted in Petach Tikvah (as reported HERE on YW), there is a report by Ynet that swastikas were found spray-painted on the walls of Eilat’s main Shul. There is nothing indicating in their report that the two incidents are somewhat connected, and police are investigating the incident.

6 Responses

  1. Gevalt. When will they learn not to accept Russian ”half” Jews? And that a Jew means either a Jewish mother or an Orthodox conversion.

  2. I agree with you about not letting in “half” Jews, but its not only Nazis that paint swastikas in Israel.

    Arabs do it all the time.

  3. we must tell those who live in eretz yisroel to purchase not let those chazeirim threaten you . it is in the torah if someone is trying to kill you rise up early and kill him first

  4. Hey I’m glad the $ I sent to the U.J.A. during their emergency Save the Russians campaigns, helped bring this shmutz to Israel, our leaders will have to answer upstairs and downstairs for this one. oops

  5. also devorah iwould like the next story to be rabbbi shoots neo nazi instead of neo nazi stabs rabbi a bully will take till someone stands uup to him when the bnei yisroel left egypt they left armed

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