Rav Vaye Responds Regarding New Infestation In Rice


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On erev Shabbos, YWN-ISRAEL reported a kashrus alert released by Hasalat regarding a new insect infestation in rice in Eretz Yisrael. The alert was released by HaGaon HaRav Yoel Schwartz, who stated a new method of checking rice must be used to ensure the food is insect free.

Rabbi Moshe Vaye Shlita responded, known and regarded by most as the world’s leading expect regarding insect infestation in foods, and he feels there is no new insect infestation in rice and no need for alarm.

In the letter sent to YWN-ISRAEL by the rav, dated 23 Cheshvan, the rav states there is nothing new regarding rice and one must inspect rice as outlined in detail in his sefer, “Bedikat Mazon K’halacha” volume 3.

One must sift the rice with the appropriate mesh screen, such as a window screen, permitting the small insects to fall through the mesh. If one finds residue or matter than does not resemble a tiny insect, then one may proceed to the step two, which entails placing the kernels on a white surface and checks for insects between the rice kernels. If small insects are seen on the surface, then one should not use the rice in question.

The actual kernels of rice do not have to be inspected and the rav points out this is not a new situation, but that which is described in his sefer.

Rice that is vacuum packed with a hechsher guaranteeing it is insect free does not require any additional inspection other than what is stated on the instruction of such packages. They are viewed as being clean, ‘chezkas naki’.


הרב משה ויא       RABBI MOSHE VAIE

יעוץ והדרכה בנושא כשרות   ADVICE AND GUIDANCE ON KASHRUT                ובנגיעות במזון       AND INFESTED FOOD                                   סנהדריה המורחבת 138 ב’                                                              SANHEDRIA HAMURCHEVET138                                                                

            ירושלים                                             JERUSALEM. ISRAEL

                                                     טל: 02-5325588 פקס: 02-5829089 
כ”ג חשון תשע”ב 
נא פרסמו את המכתב לתועלת הרבים 

לשאלת רבים בעניין בדיקת האורז 

בבדיקות שנערכו במעבדתנו ובמעבדות כשרות נוספות בתקופה האחרונה, לא נמצאה נגיעות מסוג חדש באורז.

יש לבדוק את האורז כפי שמפורט בספר “בדיקת המזון כהלכה” כרך ג’ ובחוברת המקוצרת:

שלב א’: סינון האורז על גבי משטח לבן ב”מסננת אורז” (מסננת רשת בצפיפות הדומה לרשת שבחלונות). אם נפלו פירורים בלבד שאין להם צורה של חרקים עוברים לשלב ב’. אם נראים על המשטח תולעים זעירות או חרקים קטנים (כיני ספרים) חיים או מתים – לא מומלץ להשתמש באורז.

שלב ב’: בדיקה – מעבירים את האורז שהיה במסננת למשטח לבן ובודקים שאין תולעים או חרקים בין הגרגרים – אין צורך לבדוק את הגרגרים עצמם. 

אורז בהשגחה מהודרת “ללא תולעים” באריזת וואקום הינו בחזקת נקי. 

      משה ויא

מח”ס בדיקת המזון כהלכה


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Rice production techniques vary widely from place to place, suggesting that one will need to reply on the hechsher. That is a problem for some people who hold that rice doesn’t need a hecksher (but given the fact that almost all foods are now in some way manufactured, that view seems dated).

  2. 2. In the USA, rice doesnt need a hechsher and there is no need to check for insects. That comes from a kashrus rep of a major organization.

  3. @3
    Just wait and see. Follow the gravy train. Lettuce, broccoli, strawberries, spinach, cabbage, salmon, if Bodek et al will make money from selling rice, then rice WILL have bugs.

  4. uneeq, if he was trolling for attention he would say it is assur. did you forget how he was marginalized by the anisakis fiasco for having the “temerity” to come out and say that based on the ruling of the gedolay hador of the last generation it was not an issue? no, today to get attention you must assur something. to actually come out and say something is muttar, unfortunately takes guts and is risking your entire career. he should be commended for obviously speaking out with what he feels in his expert opinion is the halacha. the fact that someone dredged up an old issue to once again scare the public, so what should he do? make something up? no he did the honest thing. he told you i dealt with this in my book its all there its an old issue look it up its fine.

  5. He is NOT releasing this statement to get people to buy his book. He tells you where in his book it is located, and then informs you of what the book says. I don’t know if you ever watched his video presentation – but it’s pretty scary to see what goes on on fruits and vegetables… he just zooms up on it (without a microscope)

  6. #4 FYI, in Israel, rice DOES have to be checked as there is infestation often enough to require checking. I speak from personal experience. No one forces anyone to buy Bodek for all the products you listed. You are free to buy regular produce at any store you choose. But if you want to be sure that you don’t eat bugs (up to six issurim at a time!), then choose wisely. Yes, they are making money providing us with food, but that is no different than any other company that makes kosher products for the frum consumer. Rav Vaye started giving classes about watching out for bugs/insects in food way before Bodek and Chasalat existed. He did not do it for commercial reasons.
    We Yidden have enough tzaros. Let’s view each other with a kindly eye and judge each other favorably. Then maybe Hashem will judge us with rachamim as well.