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Halachically Speaking Weighs In On ‘Worms In Fish Controversy’

By the time you read this article, much time has passed since the tumult regarding the anisakis worm erupted. Many Rabbonim Shlita from Eretz Yisrael1 signed on a kol koreh to prohibit fish with the anisakis worm. On the other hand many Rabbobnim in America and other locales hold that this is not an issue.

According to the stringent opinion, many fish are prohibited, such as wild salmon. Indeed some kashrus organizations do not permit those fish in their establishments. It is noteworthy that the anisakis worm is not the only worm that affects fish. There are tens of thousands of worms in the sea4 which are eaten by different kinds of kosher fish, many of which are eaten by the kosher consumer.

It is important to realize that the issue of worms in fish is not new. This article will present the halachos of worms in fish, and explain the opinions for permitting and forbidding fish which are infested with the anisakis worm. We will discuss the sugya of worms in fish and then deal with the specific worm at hand.

This article is intended for limud haTorah purposes and is not to be relied upon halacha l’maseh. One should not draw any conclusions after reading this article without first consulting with his Rav. This article in no way expresses the opinion of the KOF-K.

Click HERE to read the article compiled by Rabbi Moishe Dovid Lebovits.

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  1. According to the stringent opinion – not sure that that is the correct term to use. It may be more stringent to allow these fish to be eaten.

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