90 Degree Temps in Store as Tri-State Sizzles


hwThe tri-state is bracing for blazing summer-like heat and humidity to cap off the month of May as forecasters say Central Park will experience its hottest weather since September and parts of the region could see temperatures surpass 90 degrees.

Temps are expected to reach about 90 degrees in Central Park Thursday and Friday and climb even hotter in areas of interior New Jersey and the Hudson Valley. Meteorologists say residents in those interior areas could experience their first heat wave of the year, which is traditionally considered three consecutive days of 90 degree or higher temperatures.

The 90 degree, sunny forecasts for Thursday and Friday are significantly higher than the average high of 75 degrees, though record highs are in the upper 90s, so forecasters don’t expect any record heat at Central Park.

The humidity will make it feel even steamier outside, and experts say anyone who spends significant time outdoors should dress in light-colored, loose-fitting clothing.