Photo Essay: Serdaheli Rov Checking The Boro Park Eruv (Photos by JDN)



  1. Beautiful pictures, most of which shows pointing of fingers to somewhere, most pictures don’t show any evidence of the eruv.

    On an other note: The Serdaheli Rav, is known to have published a few seforim on various topics, why wasn’t a sefer or a pamphlet ever published by him or his followers explaining why the Boro Park eruv is not problematic according to the Rav and how does he answer all of Rav Moshe’s, The Satmar Rebbes and other Gedolim of the previous generations objections why the eruv should never be established????

  2. While walking home from Shul one Shabbos morning with a well know Ruv, I had asked him “Can I carry on Shabbos here in Los Angeles since there is an Eiruv?” He replied, “If the Eiruv is Kosher then you may carry.”
    It turned out that he wasn’t familiar with the Los Angeles Eiruv,
    But the Ruv told me something that I never knew before. He said that in Mehalovitz (also known as Michalovce, Slovakia)
    the Ruv would cut the Eiruv for one Shabbos a year so that the community would realize that you can’t just carry on Shabbos without a proper Eiruv. (This one Shabbos was planned in advance and the community was fully aware of this annual occurrence so that there was no mechallel Shabbos)

  3. Where exactly does the eruv end? I see people walking over Ocean Pkwy with carriages and the string for the eruv is a block early. How does one get a map?

  4. I like the pictures where he is pointing heavenward, as if to say, “sure the string is there but in shomayim Rav Moshe, Rav Bick, the Satmar Rov and the other gedolim of the previous generation are saying, ‘who cares about the string if the streets of Boro Park area reshus horabim d’oraiso, and no eruv is possible!”

  5. Yes, Eli Willner is my real, full name. Now, care to share yours?

    The Chofetz Chaim has also passed on. Does that mean that we bury the Mishna Brura too?

    The factors that led to the eruv issur in Brooklyn have not changed. When Brooklyn rejoins the mainland you can ask the then poskei hador to re-examine the shailo.