Mishpacha Magazine ONE DAY SALE today only!


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Mishpacha Magazine, the premier Jewish weekly magazine for frum families, continues to set new standards in Orthodox journalism, providing readers with access to personalities, places, and phenomena they would not encounter otherwise. Mishpacha provides hard-hitting news analyses, colorful profiles, thought-provoking opinion columns, and stunning photography, along with a willingness to tackle contemporary issues affecting the Orthodox community. The magazine’s team of editors and writers includes top Orthodox journalists from an international range of locations, and its contents reflect that universal appeal. Readers around the globe clearly see themselves as part of the Mishpacha which, true to its name, is a weekly celebration of the global Jewish family.

For today only, Mishpacha is offering a subscription price of $149.00 per year for first time subscribers only. At under $3.00 per issue, new subscribers can enjoy more than $2.00 off the newsstand price, for a yearly savings of over $100. Call the office at 718-686-9339 today, with extended hours until 9:00 pm est, and begin enjoying your copy today! Out of town readers can receive spectacular savings as well. Call now and SAVE!