Today, We Build


What if I told you that you can buy a share in the future of our generation, at a rate of 75% off?Today, you have that opportunity. Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam is a school that prides itself in cultivating curiosity, compassion, kindness and confidence in each of its students. As a Makom of Torah, Temimus and Traditional academic excellence, it is home to over 240 young Jewish girls. BYAM is led by two unique chinuch role models, Rabbi Nosson Neuman and Mrs. Leah Zytman. Rabbi Nosson Neuman, comes from a generation of chinuch experts, and continues to pass on that legacy of authentic chinuch to today’s young generation of bnos yisroel. His warmth, wisdom, and famous good morning welcome are known by each student under his care. Mrs. Leah Zytman, a principal who not only love to teach but teaches kids to love learning, is renowned for her innovative hands on approach, and the belief that each child’s beauty lies in her unique compilation of traits and abilities. Together, with their vibrant, hand- picked staff, staff, Rabbi Neuman and Mrs. Zytman are building the next generation of bnos yisroel, one precious student at a time.

A school like this one needs a home to match, and the time to obtain that home is now. BYAM has been presented with a time sensitive opportunity to buy the school building that it currently occupies, thereby securing a permanent bastion of Jewish education in the five towns/far rockaway area. The devoted administration, parent body, and students are determined to capitalize on this chance, a chance to have an enduring, continuous impact on the current students, the community, and continuing generations of bnos yisroel to come. Today, we invite you to join us in this mission.

BYAM has partnered with Charidy, to run a unique 32 hour building campaign, where every dollar that you give is quadrupled by donors. Starting from 2 pm today, Tuesday May 12, the clock is ticking and every dollar donated up to $375, 000 will be matched by three more dollars, thanks to the endless generosity of invested matchers. Sounds too good to be true? It is. The catch is that it’s all or nothing, $375 K or bust, go big or go home. The future of our generation needs this school, and this school needs you. Today, we build; we build a building, we build a future we build a legacy. Today we build, and so can you.

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On behalf of the future, we thank you.