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FTI Yeshiva of Cherry Hill, Raising $613K in 24Hr 3X Matching. Im Ein Kemach, Ein Torah. FTI Yeshiva Needs Your Help Today, The Only Yeshiva in South Jersey

24-hours, $613,000, all-or-nothing 3x matching Charidy campaign

Help us reach our goal TODAY!

CLICK HERE to donate on from 1 p.m. Tuesday – 1 p.m. Wednesday

On Tuesday June 4th at 1pm, for just one day, FTI will be raising $613K to support Torah learning for a whole year. Please consider partnering with the Yeshiva to ensure we can continue teaching Torah to our students each and every day of the year.

FTI – The Only Yeshiva in South Jersey.

Visit to make a difference in the life of a Jewish child.

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Rabbi Yisrael Davidowitz
Rosh Yeshiva and Head of School
Rabbi Chaim Juni
Rosh Yeshiva and Rosh Mesivta
Rabbi Shimon Max
Rosh Yeshiva and Rosh Bais Medrash
Rabbi Chananya Kramer
Rabbi Y.M. Hoffman
General Studies Principal


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