You Can Still Give Your Loved One the Gift of Kaddish

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Grieving family wonders, why should my loved one be denied the special aliyah of Kaddish?
There is one minyan left in Yerushalayim .
Rabbi Yosef Blau ,quarantined in the Prima Palace hotel,will say Kaddish and Mishnayos for your loved one’s neshomo in this minyan.
You’re loved one doesn’t have to lose out.
Call or WhatsApp Rabbi Blau 972-54-770-6046 or for an American line Call or Whatsapp 914-979-1833
$50 Kaddish and mishnayos for a month.
$18Kaddish and mishnayos for a yortzeit.


  1. Is this minyan going against the Gadolim,Vaadim,and government? If it is then I want no part of it, nor would it want you to profit off such a “minyan”