Yeshayahu Underwent a Liver Transplant, The Clock Is Ticking

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Yeshayahu underwent his liver transplant a few days ago. Doctors feel that the twelve-hour procedure went well, B”H. He will be hospitalized for about one month, so the clock is ticking. To give him a more sterile environment in which to recover, Yeshayahu’s parents desperately need his bedroom to be completed in time for his return. Please help us give Yeshayahu the room he needs, to provide him with the best chance at a smooth recovery and a healthier environment for his fragile condition

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Yeshayahu Y. of Ofakim may not look like it but he is a teenager, almost 15 years old. Like other boys his age he should be in school, learning (which he loves to do) and spending time with his friends. Instead, he spends most of his days asleep in bed, too exhausted, weak and sick to do much else.

When Yeshayahu was 12 he began having terrible headaches and additional issues such as extreme fatigue and slowed growth that scared his parents and caused his doctor to run tests. Their fears were founded: Yeshayahu had Pancolitis (a life-long chronic condition) and other intestinal problems. Damage was caused to his liver. He has been under medical care ever since, and will need to undergo a liver transplant.

Last year Yeshayahu’s condition worsened, his body unresponsive to medications and other treatments. With each day that passes he continues to decline and his body is struggling to function while dealing with multiple medical challenges, until his transplant can take place. Currently he cannot eat and is fed through a feeding tube. Yeshayahu’s mother Yaffa describes the fear of seeing her son’s skin tone “now yellow as a lemon” and the swelling of his body.

Yeshayahu’s system is so vulnerable that any germ can make him even sicker. Living in a tiny apartment with two bedrooms for 9 siblings exposes him to an untold number of coughs, sneezes, colds and viruses that are dangerous for him. In his weakened state finding a quiet place to sleep is also a challenge.

Yaffa and her husband Chaim Leib are doing everything they can to help their very sick son. They realized they must adapt their home in order to improve his conditions and keep him isolated, in an environment that is as germ free as possible. To that end they need to add on a small bedroom that will be completely private, enabling Yeshayahu to rest quietly and keep siblings and germs, out. After consulting with multiple sources to get the lowest possible price for this project, they will need $15,000 to adapt their home. Unfortunately, it is completely out of reach for Yaffa and Chaim Leib on their incomes as a kindergarten teacher and an avrech kollel.

Yeshayahu ben Yaffa Shaindel’s health is already compromised. We need to do all we can, as quickly as possible, to prevent it from deteriorating even further, until he can get his transplant, and then for his health and safety during his recovery and time at home, afterwards. Will you please help us build the room he desperately needs?