KOF-K Thanks Public; Fraud Issue Wrapped Up

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KOF-K Thanks Public; Fraud Issue Wrapped Up

KOF-K thanks the alert members of the public, who had seen Tuesday’s article on Yeshiva World, about meat is being sold in South and Central America bearing a symbol that closely resembles KOF-K symbol and is unauthorized and fraudulent. Rabbi Yehuda Rosenbaum, KOF-K Administrative Director, received many calls regarding the meat products and was in direct contact with the Rabbi from South America responsible for the incorrect label.

The Rabbi offered his sincere apologies for creating a seal so similar to the KOF-K symbol. He did not realize he had infringed on copy write laws and he has stopped using packaging with the KOF-K.


Many thanks to Yeshiva World to all the members of the community who assisted in bringing this matter to a quick and effective conclusion. The response we got from our article on Yeshiva World was amazing.  The word spread throughout the community. We immediately got calls from across the globe. Within a few hours, we got the call with the contact information of who was responsible and allowed us to resolve the issue.  It was wonderful to feel the concern and support of everyone.    Mi k’amcha Yisrael!

KOF-K asks everybody to be watchful and proactive. Anytime you see something related to kashrus that just doesn’t seem to make sense, let the kashrus agency know. By alerting us to your concerns we can work together on addressing the issues and minimize the risk of the tzibbur inadvertently being over on the mitzvah of kashrus. Your vigilance plays an essential role in preventing violations whether they are matters of deliberate fraud or unintentional errors.

The KOF-K welcomes any concerns or questions.  Please feel free to call Rabbi Yehuda Rosenbaum at 201-837-1967