She’s Getting Married This Week. So, Why Is She Crying?


The Mea Sha’arim community of Jerusalem was shaken recently after the sudden passing of Rabbi Birdman, father of 7, who had suffered from a rare brain disease.


Birdman left behind a wife and large family. While he was alive he was responsible for supporting the family, as his wife stayed home to take care of their epileptic 9-year-old son. However, now that he has passed, and the children have been plunged into a state of mourning, their mother has been forced to find a balance between what work she can find, and assisting her disabled son.


Amid the chaos, a spark of hope has emerged: Their daughter Chavi is engaged to be married. With less than a week remaining until the wedding, however, Chavi has been faced with a difficult choice: Ask for help, or enter into marriage with none of the basics.


With just days remaining until the ceremony, the wedding essentials are still missing, including dresses for the siblings. However the true concern is what will be after the wedding, when a young girl who has lost her father, and whose mother is unable to help her, will go home to an apartment with no furniture, and no food in the fridge.


Chavi’s emergency kallah fund includes an emotional clip of her. In the young girl’s eyes, there is a deep sorrow. In the week before her wedding, a time which is a dream come true for many young women, it is a painful sight to see.