Rav Shechter Takes Beloved Chassid Under His Wing

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Those who have made a simcha know: The absolute basics such as making sure there is food on the table, and other essentials which are the bare minimum of getting married with dignity, cost a good deal of money.

One Jerusalem wedding scheduled for just three weeks from now has none of those essentials. If something does not change soon, the chassan will wear sneakers, the guests will have nothing to eat, and the couple will have nowhere to live.

Yanky was just a young boy when he lost his parents. That was when he began his traumatic journey being passed from foster home to foster home. As is the case with such individuals, there is no one in this world he calls “family.” When Yanky got engaged recently, something incredible happened: Rav Yaakov Meir Shechter shlit”a stepped forward to be the boy’s father, and to take on the mission of marrying off this young man and his kallah with dignity.

In a touching letter to the public, Rav Shechter writes:

“Baruch Hashem, I stand in request to come to the aid of my dear chassid, a chosson who is an impoverished orphan and has endured hardship throughout his life, may he live long and prosper.

Please come to help us with our “LeMa’an Achai” (Assisting My Brother) fund, by helping this young man take on the mitzvah of being a chosson with his kallah. Each person who helps in this way will surely receive bracha and yeshua (blessings and salvation). May all of our children and chassidim be nourished with joy and wealth. Amen.”

If Rav Shechter and those running the campaign can succeed in finding individuals around the world who care to help, the tragic “wedding without food” can be avoided. In the meantime, each passing day increases the couple’s fear. For Yanky and his kallah, it is truly a time of desperate need.