Family of 7 Devastated by Cancer


For the past one and a half years Sarah Biderman put on a brave face. She was a strong and capable woman, supporting her large family of 7 with love and happiness. Few people knew that she was batting an invisible enemy. 

 Sarah Biderman was battling cancer. Any money the Biderman family had went toward hospital bills, until they were mired in debts of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Soon, after chemotherapy, surgeries and painful treatments, Mrs. Biderman could hide her illness no longer. After almost two years of pushing off the inevitable, her family’s hopes for a full recovery were shattered. Mrs. Biderman passed away. To help the Biderman family now click here.

 Her family is devastated. Seven children are left at home, and the father is struggling to cope. They are left with many medical debts, the heavy financial burden of supporting  7 children, and the irrevocable loss of their mother. They are living through the terrible aftermath of a family devastated by cancer. 

 Chilling video footage shows the Biderman children still in their torn clothing from the levaya of their mother. Esti speaks in the name of all her siblings: “I am begging you from the depths of my heart: please help our family!” The dark circles under her eyes reveal the the difficult situation of all seven children left at home. 

An emergency campaign has been started to help the Biderman family rebuild their lives after the tragic loss of their mother. To help them return to lives without debt, with financial security.