Video: Liska Rebbe Explaining the Custom of Not Eating Matzoh on Pesach other then by the Sedarim

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Watch 2 fascinating clips of the Liska Rebbe Shlita sharing insights and a halachic perspective regarding the minhag of  his ancestors, Admorei Bais Liska who did not eating  matzah  on Pesach other than by the sedarim.
This minhag, originated by the Yismach Moshe ZT”L. It was further promulgated by his talmid, the founder of Liska Chasidus, Rav Tzvi Hersh of Liska ZT”L. It is a sacred custom that was adhered to by subsequent generations of the Rebbes of the Liska Chasidic dynasty who steadfastly retained this minhag and perpetuated by the current Liska Rebbe, Rav Tzvi Hersh Friedlander Shlita.


  1. On the contrary, nearly all the Chasidisher Rebbes and the Vilna Gaon told their followers to eat Shmurah Matzoh all the days of Pesach, because there is a Mitzvah Kiyumis to do so: “Shivas Yamim Matzohs Tocheilu…”

  2. Do the liskers NOT WASH AT ALL during chol hamoed and the last days? Don’t you have to have a seuda on those days????? Please EXPLAIN…

  3. How many Chasidim does Liska have? How many people hold of this minhag?

    How it from the Yismach Moshe when Satmar doesn’t have this minhag?