Rivlin Requests To Not Sit Next To Netanyahu Due to Election Process


President Ruvi Rivlin requested to not sit next to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at a ceremony that will take place tonight at the Jerusalem Convention Center. The event is a salute to bereaved families of those killed in Israel’s wars.

According to  report by Daphna Liel on channel 12, the organizers of the event were told that “these are sensitive times when different political parties are advising with regards to who they will support for Prime Minister and therefore, bereaved families will sit between the President and the Prime Minister.”

Various parties are expected to begin arriving tomorrow at the President’s house, in order of the total number of mandates they obtained in the recent elections, in order to recommend to the President whom they would support as the next Prime Minister.

The first party to head to the President’s residence will be the Likud as they garnered the most mandates. The sessions are set to begin tomorrow at 9:15 a.m. with Likud representatives showing up. The party will send Minister Yariv Levin, Minister Miri Regev, and MK and former coalition whip David Biton. They are of course expected to recommend Netanyahu continue his tenure as Prime Minister.

At 10:00, Representtives from the Blue and White party Avi Nissencorn, Orna Barbivai, Ram Ben Barak, Zvi Hauser, Orly Fruman, and Omer Yankilowitz, will appear and it is expected that they will recommend party leader Benny Gantz to form a coalition.

At 10:45 the next biggest party, Shas, will send their representatives who are expected to recommend Netanyahu be tapped to form the coalition.

UTJ will be next at 11:30 and their representatives will be Yaakov Litzma, Moshe Gafni, and Meir Porush. They too are expected to recommend Netanyahu.

It is expected that already on Wednesday the President will task Netanyahu with forming the coalition, after he finishes his meetings with the remainder of the smaller parties.

In an effort to make the process more transparent and inclusive for the public, the recommendations of the parties to the President and the entirety of the meetings will be televised and shown live.

If Netanyahu gets the nod, he will have 28 days to form a coalition. If he does not succeed, he will be able to request an extension of an additional 14 days. If, following that time he still cannot form a coalition, the President will give the responsibility of forming a coalition on a different Knesset member, (It could be any one of the 120 MKs). That MK will have 28 days to form a coalition without any possibility of extension.