Help to Bring our Dear Children Home

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Sholom Ubrocho,   I hope this letter finds you and yours well. I write to appeal to you to help us, we’ve been ripped asunder and desperately need your support to bring our dear children home where they belong. We are now coming up to 2 years without our dear children.    Our rav that is verifying this, has personally seen documentation proving that there is no reason for the torturous separation.   We have obtained the services of a specialist lawyer that feels confident that this wrong can be righted. We did previously try working with a legal aid lawyer but unfortunately that didn’t help us to get our dear kids home.    Obviously this legal involvement will cost, and we understand that the final bill will be around £50,000.   We ask that everyone take part in helping to bring our dear family back together, and in the zechus of your generosity may Hashem grant you Nachas, Good health and prosperity.