Once, 30 years ago, there was a man with a vision.

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Once, 30 years ago, there was a man with a vision.

R’ Mendel Weinstock had a dream.  He visualized a wedding experience where the joy of the mechatunim remains untampered by financial stress.  A wedding where the baalei simcha have the opportunity to truly enjoy the momentous celebration of marrying off a child without the heavy burden of footing an outrageous bill.

R’ Mendel was a man of action.  He established Torah V’Yirah, a wedding hall that duplicated as a cheder lunchroom thus providing immense financial relief to countless yidden and ensuring an experience of complete joy.

Now, 30 years down the road, the crisis of astronomical wedding standards has resurfaced.  With the goal of providing a solution for the weddings of now and the weddings of the future we have set out to create a hall where the joy of marrying off isn’t overshadowed by a pending heart attack ch’v.  

The new hall, Kerem Menachem Tzvi, is named to honor the legacy of Mendel Weinstock.  A legacy of true chesed and ahavas yisroel continues as a new wedding venue comes to the rescue of the klal.

Discounted, Not Compromised

The Kerem Mencahem Hall gives you a dream wedding without the astronomical prices involved.  The premises of Kerem Menachem Tzvi recently underwent an expensive designer revamp to ensure that the ambiance and décor befits the special night.  For five thousand dollars per side, a full takanos package is provided:

Magnificent faux flower reception

Professional music

Skilled photographer

Gourmet chef

Expert badchan

In the spirit of the takanos, benching commences at 11:00 p.m. and no portion minimum is exacted for those serving a smaller crowd.

High standard, low cost.  That is the goal of Kerem Menachem Tzvi.  As the final touches are being placed on the dream hall, bookings have now opened for Cheshvon, Kislev and beyond.

You deserve to enjoy those special moments.  Reserve your simcha. 718-705-7740