NEW: Mikros Gdolos Chumash Set with Zohar, Ari”Zal, Bresolv, Chabad and Traditional Commentators

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Chumash Pardes with Peshat, Remez, Derush and Sod.

Yeshivat HaChen together with some prominent Rabbis from Sharei Shamaim and Targum Publishers had produced a new set of Chumash Mikros Gdolos style that include 18 Meforshim from Kabbalistic/ Chassidic commentaries.

( Ari”ZL, Zohar, Besht, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Chabad – Sichos, R.NAchman of Breslov, Baal HaTania, Ben Ish Chay, and Vilna Goan and many more ) on top of traditional meforshim in Mikros Gdolos totaling a total of 25 perushim on each parsha.

This set brings to light the unity of the Torah between hidden and revealed parts of the Torah in a 7 book set.