Watch: Seeach Sod’s Pirchei Seeach Choir Perform at the Siyum HaShas at Binyanei Hauma

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 The thousands of men, women, and children who participated in the Siyum HaShas for English speakers in Binyanei HaUma on January 1st all came away inspired by the momentous occasion.

For the members of Seeach Sod’s Pirchei Seeach Choir – all young men with disabilities – this was an especially moving event, as they were privileged to sing in honor of the Torah before Gedolei Yisroel and the thousands of people in attendance.

They enchanted the crowd with their beautiful songs and their professional performance, they had the honor of participating in the amazing kavod haTorah – and they showed everyone that individuals with disabilities also have a part in the harmony of Torah learning. 

Seeach Sod provides educational, welfare, and health services to individuals with disabilities and their families at every stage of life. The Pirchei Seeach Choir is just one of Seeach Sod’s outstanding initiatives that demonstrate the unique approach of integrating individuals with disabilities into the wider community and helping each individual nurture his or her strengths and talents.

The choir members practice on a regular basis and perform at various venues on special occasions.

The Siyum HaShas event was especially close to the hearts of the men of Seeach Sod, all of whom learn Torah on their level. Higher functioning individuals participate in study programs, such as Yeshiva al Kivro in memory of Maran Rav Aharon Leib Steinman zt”l. In fact, two members of Seeach Sod’s kollel celebrated their own Siyum HaShas!

Seeach Sod programs include daycare centers, kindergartens, and elementary and high schools, as well as continued support for adults with disabilities through vocational training programs and supported housing options. Seminary and yeshiva students are frequent visitors to Seeach Sod, where they have the opportunity to see the programs in action and to volunteer their services.

The members of the choir serve as representatives of their friends at Seeach Sod, declaring to us all: “We have shown the world that the Torah belongs to every Jew, of every ability, and that there is a place in the Jewish community for us all. Please help us and our friends achieve even greater and greater things!”



  1. Siach Sod is Wonderful. What they have done, what they are doing and and what they are preparing to do in the future is without measure, bli ayin Hara.