6 Best Freelance Jobs for Students

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Life in college sometimes appears to be tumultuous and chaotic. Uniquely when one combines studies with work, then the question of free time gains a special meaning. Even though working full-time or even part-time is not possible for a multitude of students, everyone would want to earn extra cash for personal expenses. 

Nonetheless, it is vitally important to keep free time to focus on studies, assignments, presentations, and whatsoever related to college. As follows, there is a variety of freelance positions, which are to help one to save time for the academic goals, simultaneously get some money to stay alive. Among them are essay writers, freelance photographers, graphic designers, audio and video editing, selling art, and many more, the perks of which will be further analyzed.

Graphic Design

Graphic Designing is considered to be an excellent area for freelancing. The tasks vary, and you can have an order to do a simple logo or the entire leaflet. The prices diverse, but if you are an old hand in designing, you may well require approximately $30 per hour. Moreover, you can get more if you are paid for the entire project. 

As to the platform, after you finish some courses regarding designing, you can add your new skills to the portfolio and sign up in sites like Upwork, where you can get plenty of applications. However, there is one drawback, mainly, the capacity of your laptop/PC. It would be great if you had some design-oriented laptop, which will make the whole process of your freelance job pleasurable and fast.

Freelance Writer

Probably, the most ubiquitous area of the freelance field because of its demand on the market. Even though you might not be thoroughly familiar with the writing area, it is easy to start. If you are interested in keeping personal clients and provide them with the best services, pay keen attention at EssayShark review, where customers admit the most significant aspects for them. When it comes to the prices, you are likely to get $15 per 300-word essay, which sounds great. By the time you brush up your academic writing skills, your salary will rise drastically, up to $40 per page. In order to acquire solid academic abilities in terms of grammar, sentence structure, have a look at Grammarly. It has a free version, so make sure to use it before you submit your written assignment to your customer. 

In order to prove that freelance writers can make a fortune on writing academic papers, it would be plausible to mention an omnipresent writer whose name is John McGill. At the time he started writing academic assignments for money, he was facing severe financial problems. The work in KFC did not fulfill his material needs, so he had to write papers to deal with the college and earn money. Even though it was not an overnight success, he grew famous in college’s circle, and, as a consequence, he obtained a reliable data of students and set up his writing company, which is widely suggested to be a top-notch one among academic writing services.

Self-Employed Photographers

Wedding, as well as fall photo sessions, may sound pretty trivial. Still, if you possess a superb photo camera, you can earn lots of money dedicating less time. There is always a humongous demand for proficient photographers, who can be creative and take stunning photos of objects and edit the images into a finished good. 

As to the salary, at the very beginning, you are likely to get $25 per hour, but it varies, especially if you possess a high command of photo editors, you have a robust portfolio, etc. To start, do register at some photo stocks, such as Shutterstock or Alamy, and attach the best photo, in your opinion, to the site. By that, you can get a stable income if someone is astonished by your pictures. 

Audio Transcription

Assuming that computers become better at recognizing and interpreting human speech, they are still aren’t impeccable. As follows, there is still a high demand for people who can listen to audio and transcribe it into written text. Even though this job is not that highly paid, it requires almost nothing from you except for your computer and a little of attention and time. It pays approximately $0.36 per minute and estimating that you can dedicate to such a job 10 hours per week, that will give you up to $900 per month. 

Video Captioning

If audio transcriptionists transferred heard text into written one, video captioners turn the audio from the video into written form in order to make the video understandable to the recipient. The main task is to synchronize the speech with the text so that it is to be conveyed to the viewer without any delays. As follows, it requires more skills than audio transcription, so the prices are prone to be slightly higher. Assuming that you can decipher the 10-hour expression weekly, that works out to $1100 monthly. 

Selling Art

If it happens to be that you are into some art, you can try to monetize it through platforms like eBay, Instagram, or whatsoever. Estimating that you dedicate a couple of hours daily to sell and create your artworks, you can foresee to make a thousand dollars bimonthly. Even though it depends on what you are selling, be sure that if you create it with passion and enthusiasm, it will find the right customer who will be able to pay for it generously. 

After you become encountered more widely, you will have to create your website to attract more patrons and, as a consequence, more income. The right thing to start is to look for acquaintances who possess a plethora of followers and, by presenting them your artworks, ask for promotion of your Instagram profile so that you can attract some attention at the beginning.


Earning money on freelance platforms while being a college student has never been so easy. Above there is a solid list of freelance opportunities, which are likely to save students from hunger and even to develop one’s talents related to a specific field of interest.