Download Shulert – the Revolutionary Minyan-Finder!

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There is an exciting new app that has created a buzz in the New York metropolitan area and soon will spread around the world. This new app is Shulert, and it is now helping hundreds of avreichim and yungerleit find minyanim.

         Shulert is a project of Yeshiva High School of Monsey under the auspices of Rabbi Dovid Rubin. The app was developed by two bochrim, Yaakov Schlachter and Avrumy Lunger. “Not only is this app helpful for all Jews, it also combines the perfect blend of Torah and technology in the 21st century,” Rabbi Rubin said. This means the app uses today’s leading technology in a kosher way. The app is, of course, compatible with Tag and other leading filters.

         Shulert is an app that helps you find minyanim in your area when you need it. Shulert differs from other similar apps and websites in several ways. The features are user-friendly and quite simple. Immediately upon opening the app, the user is shown the closest shuls. The user can then tailor the results. The Magen Avraham (68) writes that a person should not change his nusach. Avodas Hakodesh (Chida, Kesher Godal 12:9) also writes that one should not change his father’s customs, for each nusach of prayer has a source (a “gate” in heaven). Concerning customs in general, see Shaul U’meishiv, vol. 3, 1:247, who writes that one should not change customs. Therefore, Shulert allows the user to customize his results based on nusach. The app also allows users to customize the results based on the affiliation of the shuls. This includes, but is not limited to, Ultra-Orthodox (generally the chazzan must wear a hat and jacket) and Modern-Orthodox (generally no such requirement). In this way, Shulert is for the whole Jewish community and for every situation. For example, if a yeshiva bochur finds himself on the go, he can find a minyan he will feel comfortable with, as could a chussud who wants to daven shacharis but wants to hurry to work afterward.

         Shulert is also unique because it also lists the zmanim for the minyanim at each shul. “This app is great for users on the go,” says Yaakov Schlachter. “If a person is at work, traveling, or just shopping in a different neighborhood, he can find a close minyan that suits him

         “The greatest benefit you can get out of Shulert is if you are on vacation. Anywhere you go, Shulert will find you a minyan so that the fun doesn’t stop the davening,” Avrumy Lunger said.

         Schlachter and Lunger each have 2 years of coding experience. Yaakov has been developing unique programs and games, while Avrumy has been designing freelance and personal websites. To make the app, however, they worked together and put on their Gemara kups! Since release, Shulert has received a lot of support. Some support comes from the users of the app, but most come from family, friends, and Rabbeim. Support and feedback are very important to the developers. We can’t wait to see what other kosher projects these two roll out in the future.

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