An Exceptional Series for an Exceptional Project: Jerusalem Estates Unveils a Striking New Ad Campaign

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In the past year, our ads were accompanied by ethereal works of art by world-renowned photographer and post-production artist Erik Almas. The enthusiastic feedback we received proved to us the success of the campaign, while the actual project coalesced with magnificent accuracy. 

We now reveal to you the start of a breathtaking new ad series, expressing the promise and experience of life in Jerusalem Estates. Ads will run under the title “It’s Different Here”, a precept which will accompany the marketing process throughout the coming year.

For this series, acclaimed photographer Zoe Berkovic and a creative team led by director Motty Landau flew to Jerusalem for an intensive, week-long photo shoot where they captured authentic, poignant moments that manifest through life in the eternal city. Zoe Berkovic has extensive experience, having worked for recognized international brands and exclusive magazines, including Gap, Hooligans Magazine, Luna Magazine, and Velveteen. Now, she brought her professional skills to Jerusalem, in scenes both onsite at the Jerusalem Estates model apartment and throughout Yerushalayim, where she took advantage of the soft natural light and shadows in a location so genuine and heartfelt that the passage of time has only enhanced it. 

The memorable new campaign will now meld with the existing campaign that has become a byword in the world of real estate – “Time Flies; Legacies Last Forever”. If you would like the rewarding experience of acquiring everlasting history, contact our sales office at  718-564-6656, or visit