Launches Innovative Daf Yomi Gemarah Subscription Program

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Shlomo was inspired to learn daf Yomi at the Siyum Hashas. But he doesn’t own a set of artscroll Gemarahs, and yet he relies on these to quickly learn the daf on his own, especially when he’s traveling or doing chazorah.

The he heard about ShopEichler’s Gemarah subscription. Choosing from an array of Gemarah types, he found the right edition for himself, and subscribed to their easy and convenient Daf Delivered program. Now, he gets his gemarah ahead of schedule, hassle free. Best of all, he got his first volume completely free.

If you’re looking for a way to keep up with Daf Yomi, stay motivated, and learn the daf with your favorite Gemarah, the Daf Delivered subscription from Eichler’s Judaica is perfect for you.

Join now and get your first Gemarah free today! Nationwide free shipping!