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In a recent public statement, the government in Eretz Yisroel has issued a firm prohibition against all Hadlakahs this year.
However keeping up with the centuries of Minhag Yisroel, one Hadlkah will be allowed to take place at R’ Shimon’s Bar Yachoi’s Ohel in Meron.
Led by the Boyaner Rebbe Shli”ta, the Hadlakah will be strictly closed to the public, and virtually watched by thousands of people across the globe.

Askanim have now launched a convenient platform that will enable Yidden everywhere to connect with R’ Shimon this year, and send oil to the fire as a special Zechus.

Askanim will be Mazkir the names of each participant and Poil Yeshuos and Refuos for their families and for Klal Yisroel.

Connect with R’ Shimon, and bring down endless Yeshuos and Refuos from above!