New Simchas Chosson V’Kallah Initiative

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The heartbreak of the almonos and yesomim has once again been heard.

Keren Ha’ir Zichron Yisroel announces that they are beginning a new venture called, ” The Simchas Choson v’Kallah Initiative”.

Any family in the United States that has an unmarried child who lost a parent to the present Covid-19 virus is eligible.

Each family that does a shidduch with their child during the year of aveilus is entitled to either a 3.00 carat tw diamond tennis bracelet or a 1.00 carat solitaire engagement ring for the choson to give his kallah, or a mens fashion watch for the  kallah to give her choson.

Multiple gifts can be received if the family is zoche to doing more than one shidduch during their year of aveilus.

In the event that children are still young or families do not do a shidduch during the year, the family will receive one voucher entitling them to one of the three gifts when the time comes.

In this merit may we be zoche to see Hashem open the shaarei rachamim for all of klal yisroel and bring us the geulah shleima b’korov.

Please refer all questions and requests to [email protected] or call 732-908-2098.