Ayelet Hashachar: Don’t forget our brothers

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The Ayelet Hashachar organization calls on Israeli Jews to support their brothers and sisters in the Diaspora during this global crisis.
This Shavuos we daven for you, our brothers and sisters in the diaspora.We will say a special Tefila for you from Eretz Yisroel. We pray for your health and an end this plague.
We are One People with One Heart.Thanks to you, hundreds of jews will be able to learn all night and daven for you in one of the 47 shuls each build on a non-reliigious Kibbutz in Israel with your help, while shuls around the world remain closed.
Thank you for always being there for us.Now we have the zchus to be here for you too.
Learn more:https://ayelethashachar.org/en/
With the opening of synagogues in Israel, the Israel-based Ayelet HaShachar organization has sent out an emotional plea to all Israelis that they should not forget their fellow Jews in the Diaspora who are still denied synagogue worship and who are suffering in many ways due to the coronavirus.Rabbi Shlomo Ra’anan, the director of Ayelet Hashachar, said: “After years in which Diaspora Jewry supported us Israeli Jews – we must embrace them and give them support and express solidarity through constant connection between elementary school students with pen pals from overseas communities, as well as the use of our synagogues spread across the country at no cost to those who come to celebrate occasions [such as weddings or Bar Mitzvahs] in Israel, friendliness, prayers on their behalf, and more.”