Misaskim of LA needs funds after tragic incident in Flagstaff AZ

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On May 3rd at 11:00pm Misaskim of LA was called in regards to a tragic accident that tragically took the life of Moshe Just A’H (18 years old) whose last moments on Olam Hazeh were making a massive Kidush Hashem changing a tire of a random person car on a empty Highway near Flagstaff AZ. 

Misaskim immediately was in contact with the Arizona Highway Patrol as well as the Chief Coroner and investigation Team. We were told they would keep the Highway lanes where the tragic accident happened blocked off if we were able to get there within a few hours. LA to Flagstaff is a 7 hour drive which they were not willing to wait on. We were left with no choice but to arrange a very small and cheap private jet to shuttle a team of Volunteers to the scene to do their Avodas Hakodesh. Misaskim was on scene by 2:30 AM after a one hour flight. The scene took a while to clean all the while with the Authorities assistance of keeping the Highway lanes shut. 

Once the Coroner opened in the morning Misaskim made arrangements to have the Niftar released. We then contacted the Mortuary and made all necessary arrangements. Lastly Moshe friends who were not in a position to drive back to NY Misaskim made arrangements to have their car shipped to Monsey as well as paid for it. 


Total costs were:

$7,700 Jet

$420 transportation in AZ

$1,250 shipping car

Total $9,370

All of these costs were put on a volunteers Credit card and it now needs to be paid. 

We are aware of another fund created day of the tragedy but they are using those funds for a Sefer Tora and for the actual burial. 

Thank you for your generous help

Tizku Lmitzvos

Misaskim LA