Check Your Personal Memory Level Before And After The “Bor Sud” Method.

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The “Bor Sud” Learning Program- A Revolution in Torah Study

Undoubtedly, our tendency to forget what we learn is one of the primary obstacles hindering our growth in Torah.  

It is an all too familiar scenario, when we learn with a feeling of complete immersion and understanding, only to have our knowledge fade away into the depths of our memory in a matter of days or weeks.  

We have learned, pondered, and delved into the pages of the masechta, but what are we left with after all our effort and toil? What do we remember about the sugya, of the shakla v’tarya (give and take) of the Talmud? 

Our failure to remember what we learn prevents us from growing, flourishing, and actualizing our great potential.   

If you can identify with this issue, and you are ready to take your learning to the next level, you are welcome to join Bor Sod, the method that gained the sweeping support of all Gedolei Yisroel. This learning program will no doubt release you from the frustration caused by needlessly exhausting reviews and studying, and within a few weeks, you will transform your learning into a source of pleasure and tremendous fulfillment. 

What is the Bor Sod method? 

The developers of this unique method analyzed and dissected how memory processes operate, developing a special formula based on the method of the Baal HaAkeida ztz”l.  

When this technique is used to encode what we learn into our memory, exceptional results are seen! 


Over five years of courses around the country have brought on a true revolution in the Torah world, having assisted countless men and youth in remembering and having complete proficiency in hundreds of pages of Gemara and Halacha.   

You can also take part in one of the Bor Sod courses and benefit from the tremendous success of this program. After a short period of time, you will experience a true renewal in your learning.  

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