Fragile Maayan – tracheotomy Surgery: Needs 24/7 Care!

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Dear friends around the Globe,

To keep you up to speed, our precious daughter Maayan just underwent a TRACHEOTOMY SURGERY in order to allow her to breathe properly – as she had a COLLAPSED LUNG with SERIOUS ONGOING PNUEMONIA.

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Sadly, the head of the department at the hospital fitted her for a new breathing mask that was NOT working for Mayaan.

Quickly my mother’s instinct alerted me to find a Plan B. We called the Medical Poskim to be advised on how to proceed to have a Tracheotomy surgery. Luckily we quickly put all of the pieces together and the surgery was done quickly, Baruch Hashem, with good results.

7 rounds of transporting between hospitals took place, each one requiring a mini-hospital on wheels to accomplish the life threatening task.

I realized her leg was swollen and requested an x-ray, which they tried to push off (I am saddened by how helpless a mother in a hospital can be up against walls of red tape).

When they finally did the x-ray, we found out her femur bone was broken. (More tests, transports & a bone-setting).

Thus, we’re almost up to a month away from home in the hospital and now a lung rehab center. We’ve been told, “IN ORDER TO GO HOME YOU NEED A ‘HOME CRANE.'” We already have it, Thank G-d, BUT WE WILL NEED RENOVATIONS AND CONSTRUCTION NECESSARY FOR HER SAFETY AND WELL BEING.

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“Last Shabbos, BACK HOME THEY LOST ELECTRICITY. We’ve always yearned FOR A GENERATOR, BUT NOW IT’S CRUCIAL – A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH!”MOST IMPORTANTLY, MAAYAN is in CRITICAL NEED OF ROUND-THE-CLOCK CRITICAL NURSING SUPPORT via TWO SEPARATE AIDES. Her life lies in the balance every moment, just like the YOMIM NORAIM EVERY DAY!Thus, once again we need to turn to you, Am Yisroel, please HELP US TO KEEP OUR DAUGHTER ALIVE! Without your support, there is no we way we could carry on!

This Rosh Hashana, we invite you to TIP THE SCALES by giving generously so we can keep Mayaan alive, at home! In order to help sustain Maayan we must continue this Chesed Fund along with Yad Eliezer fundraising, which enables us to continue to give Maayan what’s needed to keep her alive and in our home with her family, where she belongs with the help of HASHEM: This includes her full-time day and night nurse, and medical and living expenses required to care for her.

May you be blessed abundantly for your charitable donation!

Yochanon and Devorah Hadassah Liebermann and of course Maayan.

More Background on Mayaan’s condition & TAX deductible ways to give:

Maayan was born a healthy and adorable girl, but at age 3 her medical mysteries began and thrust her into the devastating world of Batten’s Disease which is a rare neurological disease that has robbed Maayan of her vision, all her muscle use and mobility, with epilepsy and severe lung disease included. Sadly her life is filled with machines, medications, seizures in daily life, or death episodes which require her to have 24 HOUR monitoring.

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This campaign is under the auspices of Rabbi Aaron David Neustadt, shlit”a, K’hal Chassidim, Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem, Israel. Brachos and haskamos from Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit”a, Rav Shmuel Steinhaus, shlit”a, Yavniel, Israel


YOUR DONATION: Fund is managed by Yad Eliezer via The Chesed Fund. **There are NO FEES. ALL FUNDS are directed to Maayan’s care.

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International Credit Card through this Chesed Fund ABOVE, If paying by credit card, there is a 2.9% processing _Tax deductible email receipt automatically issued by Chesed Fund.


US Checks: There is no processing fee if donating by check. Checks can be made out to “Yad Eliezer” Mail checks to: Maayan Campaign ℅ S. Kleinman 316 7th Street, Lakewood NJ 08701

Israel Checks: can be made out to “Yad Eliezer” Mail checks to: Yochanan Liebermann, Maayan Campaign, 41 Nahar Hayerkon, Ramat Beit Shemesh, ISRAEL

Canadian checks: Contact Yochanon. Info below.

Pay by phone with Isracard: Please call 058-687-7123

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Yochanon: From US: call /whatsapp 011-972-58-687-7123 From Israel: 058-687-7123

Email: [email protected]

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