Motty Kopman Niftar From Corona Virus – 5 Yesomim Need our Help

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Our hearts are torn! Our dear friend, father, & husband MOTTY was ripped away from us so young at the age of 34 R”L.

Our Dear Motty was everyone’s best friend, everyone’s open ear, always had a good word to say. He was a dedicated father and a committed community member. He served the Buffalo NY Chabad Shul like a Soldier. He walked 2 hours to shul every Shabbos only to strengthen all the people that came to pray.

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He always had kind words to offer and his smiles always healed everyone around him.

The world lost a real righteous man, such a great father to 5 beautiful young children, a dedicated husband & friend.

Our dear Motty was battling Lymphoma for the last half year and was ripped away from us when his body succumbed to the terrible virus.

Now it’s time for us to rise to the occasion to help Motty continue his legacy! Let’s support his young widow with 5 beautiful children. Please open your hearts as Motty always opened his to the world.

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May your support to this important cause hasten the arrival of Moshiach! Amen.