Our Dear Friends and Partners

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In a world filled with uncertainty, we search for something steady. Something to grab onto to keep us afloat in these tumultuous times. ואין לנו שיור רק התורה הזאת when we have nothing we have the  Torah. Throughout the generations, the Torah has accompanied us and been our bedrock.

In times like this it is the Zechus HaTorah that protects us.  GRAB ON TO THE ZECHUS HATORAH. Ensure a befitting Yom Tov for the Cherished Lakewood Bnei Torah and enter the Yom Hadin with the tremendous zechus of Hachzakas HaTorah and Simchas Yom Tov.  Sponsor a Family Give 120$ or whatever you can. 

Please, donate here at Rayze.it/kyt/ or call 732-334-0050. Kesiva Vachasima Tovah.