TRIO: A Better Way To Earn Your College Degree

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TRIO (Theological Research Institute Online) is disrupting the world of Jewish higher education, offering the best value for students’ time and money in three ways. 1. They provide the most comprehensive and customized guidance services to help students choose the path that will best fits them. 2. Their talented educators are some of the most well known in Jewish education, offering online engaging courses that can be taken when it works best for the student. 3. They offer a highly respected degree with SUNY that can be completed in 1.5 years and do not push degrees that do not set up students for success. Why would students go anywhere else? 

TRIO recognized that accelerated degree programs offering bachelor’s degrees for students studying in yeshivas and seminaries was falsely giving students the impression that they were being set up for their future, but in fact was leading them nowhere. They realized that to help the next generation of young adults, a much better model was needed. This led to forming a relationship with SUNY Empire State and other universities with credible degree programs, offering the best career guidance, and providing an unparalleled level of customer service and transparency. If their program is not for you – they will tell you.  

This is the first time that any program of this type has engaged the top educators in the Jewish world. From Rabbi Breitowitz to Rav Gav to Charlie Harary. From Rebbetzin Dina Schoonmaker to Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner and Chavi Garfinkel to Rav Menachem Nissel and Judah Mischel. They have brought together an all-star team and made it possible for students to learn high quality courses from them and earn college credit for doing so. 

On the technical side, their user-friendly platform allows students to easily take courses, earn credits, and track their progress – all on their own schedule. On the personal level, students are supported from beginning to end, helping them choose the best path for them and see it to completion. On the financial side, their pricing is highly affordable, helping parents and students to manage the costs of education and still have a future. 

The pandemic has created shifts in perception, and the need to help young adults gain marketable skills and credentials to deal with economic uncertainties is being felt more strongly than ever before. The repercussions of it are likely going to be felt for years to come. If you know a young person seeking to have the tools to navigate their future, tell them about TRIO.

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