Thousands of Amazon Sellers Have Their Accounts Mysteriously Shutdown Overnight

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In the last month, thousands of Amazon sellers have reported having their Amazon accounts mysteriously suspended by the tech giant without reason. With over 1.7 million sellers on Amazon, account suspensions are certainly not a unique occurrence. However, sellers in recent weeks have gone vocal on social media decrying the unexplained crackdown by Amazon against their sellers. What’s not immediately clear is the specific reasoning for these suspensions.

Eytan Wiener, the co-founder and chief operating officer of a large Amazon seller was quoted in (Oct. 26, 2020) as saying, “With Amazon, you are guilty until proven innocent.” After receiving notification for account suspension, sellers are given few details and receive only generic emails from Amazon. No reasons. No suggestions, and most devastating, no clear path on how to get reactivated. Companies can go from thousands a day in sales, to zero sales in a moment’s time.


New Rain USA, an e-Commerce management company that partners with brands in virtually every industry has seen firsthand the effects of this recent Amazon shutdown. “We have clients around the world and recently we have spent an extraordinary amount of time switching brands to new labels in order to get them back up and selling quickly”, shared Marc Bruh, CEO of New Rain. “We had a brand in Israel that was doing great sales and suddenly had their Amazon account suspended. Especially today, in the wake of the pandemic and economic challenges, having your business shut down indefinitely is catastrophic.” Marc has built a company that offers complete e-Commerce management selling products on platforms like Amazon, Shopify and others. “Because we have our own warehousing, shipping, fulfillment, 3PL and private labels, we are able to help brands continue selling under their name, or even manage their entire selling process under New Rain, getting a brand back in business immediately.”

With so many businesses affected by the global shutdown due Covid-19, online selling has become essential for brands and businesses to stay viable and profitable. Early projections for e-Commerce are anticipating billions of dollars for continued growth, far surpassing the forecasted sales in traditional retail stores. “People are not only avoiding physical stores because of local regulations or out of fear of contracting Covid, but they are just getting used to shopping online. It’s that simple. Consumer behavior has drastically changed,” said Chaim Deutsh, owner of a vegan snack food company in Brooklyn. “Six months ago we were not thinking about e-Commerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify but quickly realized that without an online shopping platform, we would be forced to shut our brand that we spent 5 years building.”

Marc has been involved with e-Commerce for over a decade and has seen the trends towards online shopping shift dramatically over the years. “We started this company really to help others be successful. It kills me to hear about brands that are shutdown or just not prepared for a full e-Commerce operation. New Rain has helped so many brands be successful and my team gets great satisfaction helping others in the community make a profit.”

If you have had your Amazon account shutdown, or are looking to expand into e-Commerce, or even if you are already selling online, New Rain USA offers their support to help brands, “Make it Rain”. For more information contact [email protected] or call 516-460-9009.