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Please soften your heart to a poor yesoma! Mother Passed Away From COVID-19

Compassionate nation,

My mother died from COVID-19 a half a year ago and left me and my 9 siblings as yesomim. We are a well-respected family in Yerushalayim, and I was zoche to become a kallah to a true Ben Torah.

I don’t have a shekel to pay for any of my wedding needs and I feel very embarrassed to ask my father for help. He is very poor and cannot assist me at all.


All I desire in life it to start a new life with my chosson in happiness and joy.

Please help me. I cry every night and do not know where to turn!

I am a yesoma and I am desperately asking for your help. Please contribute towards my chasuna fund for me to have a dignified wedding. You have an enormous opportunity to fulfil hachnosas kallah and to relieve the burden that rests on my shoulders.

The ribono shel olam will remember this great act of chesed and reward you for it.

Please donate and send in your names and requests so that I could daven for you on the day of my chuppa.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,



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