PPP Round 2 Applications Now Being Accepted Through Funding Forward

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On December 27,  President Trump signed the second round of PPP loans, offering forgivable loans to businesses who’ve been affected adversely by COVID-19. During the first round of loans, many businesses had a hard time navigating the application and forgiveness process. It’s a confusing process, and accountants were flummoxed as well.

Funding Forward was created by David Schlesinger  and Joel Goldberger  to solve this problem. Funding Forward not only facilitates PPP loans, but guides its clients through the application process, at no cost.

“They solved our clients’ burning questions.”

“Last round, we were bombarded with clients asking for help with applications and forgiveness.

We partnered with Funding Forward, and they took the burden off our heads. 

They are extremely knowledgeable—we had 100s of questions for them, and they answered them all. 

-Pincus Schiff, CHS Payroll

This is what differentiates Funding Forward from the standard loan facilitation agency.

“We really want to help people.” says Joel Goldberger, “We know how important these loans are for businesses struggling with  the coronavirus’ effects, and our goal is to smooth the process for them. We’re working on putting together a resource page, where borrowers can get all the information they need, and we’ve set up a dedicated service team to answer their questions.”

Funding Forward has established themselves as a leader in this field, with unparalleled knowledge and know-how of the application process. 

Between their expertise, hand-holding guidance, and strong relationships with banks, they’ve successfully facilitated hundreds/thousands of loans for businesses in the first round, and they’re ready to do it again now.

“All my clients that used Funding Forward were satisfied with their results.” says Pincus. “They got them approved for loans and forgiveness. The clients  that tried other means ended up running into problems, whether it was their loan not being approved, not getting forgiveness, or other issues.”

Both Joel and David come with a strong background in loan facilitation and business financing.

Joel has 9 years of experience in unconventional real estate lending, and has facilitated over $5,000,000 in loans. He’s a senior officer at TBG Funding and uses his skills learned on the job to help Funding Forward’s clients.

“David was a huge help to me during the first round of PPP loans, and I’ll definitely be using him again this time.” says Mr. Brill “He is unbelievably loyal, honest, and reliable.Nothing fazes him—he is unflappable. He just keeps at it until he finds a solution.”

Reach out to Funding Forward for expert advice and hand-holding guidance with your SBA PPP loan application. You can reach them by phone 718-674-1800, by email at [email protected] or  by visiting their website fundingforward.com.