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Update! New PPP Loans to Offer Big Boost for ALL Organizations, Not Just Schools Under the Eastern Union and TU Partnership

Schools Get Big Boost Under Eastern Union-Torah Umesorah PPP Partnership and now Eastern Union is offering the partnership to benefit any Mosad or Organization!

The launch of a second round of PPP loans brings with it not only the prospect of financial relief but also an incredible opportunity to do a mitzvah.

Eastern Union, in partnership with Torah Umesorah and any Organization that applies, will be donating 20 percent of its bank commission on all PPP loans to the place of your choice.

Applicants have the option of either submitting their loan request through a school’s or organization’s direct PPP link or by applying for a PPP at HERE and directing the donation to a particular school or organization.

All schools and organizations are eligible to participate in the program.

For more information visit and to register a school or organization email [email protected].

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