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You Can Finally Furnish A Dream Home!


Mrs. Stein* smiles broadly as she accepts the warm wishes. Who would imagine that beneath the smile, the kind reserved for joy and nachas accompanying a daughter’s engagement, lies worrying thoughts associated with the all-consuming concern: how will we ever be able to come up with the means to shoulder all the expenses related to Sarah’s chasunah?!

While hachnosas kallah has always been at the forefront of klal yisroel’s generosity, the current unstable economy has intensified the need. These days, there are many, many families who struggle with the same desperate question –: how will we ever be able to come up with the means to shoulder all the expenses related to Sarah’s chasunah?!”

Nation-wide – particularly within the tri-state area – it is the dignified aid of Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah that responds to the call. 

Initially established by the Weiss children as a zechus for their seriously ill parents, Rabbi Zev and Mrs. Chashi Weiss a”h. , Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah began modestly by helping a select number of local kallahs. With the tragic petirah of both mother and father, one shortly after the other, it became the expanding vehicle of chesed, liluy nishmasom. The tzedakah and chesed performed by their worthy organization perpetuates the qualities which defined a home that excelled in loving kindness even in the face of unspeakable heartbreak and challenge. 

Today, the legacy of Rabbi and Mrs. Weiss lives on in Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah. CCL provides Chassanim and Kallahs with the very basic furnishings – quality mattresses, box springs, and dinette sets – to those who would have otherwise been forced to do without. On the threshold of what should be the happiest moments of their lives, Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah’s assistance extends to those needy young couples from around the country and beyond that settle in the Lakewood, New York and the tri-state vicinity, turning their aching worry into true joy.  

Working with little overhead and no paid employees, Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah’s dedicated volunteers work quietly, discreetly and quickly to screen the applicants and ensure that the organization’s recipients’ receive the furniture in time for move-in date – all the while preserving their dignity. In many cases, the chasanim, kallahs, and even their parents have no idea where all the chesed is actually coming from!

“Marrying off a child can be the most beautiful time and the most difficult,” pens a parent of a kallah. “The emotions. The tiredness. And the finances…”

“There is nothing that can describe the overwhelming feeling of vulnerability that I had been going through,” writes another parent of a kallah. “ Just as I was about to marry off my fifth child, I was laid off from my work. For me, the simcha began to take the form of many nights of sleeplessness, anguish and intense worry…” 

“I had nothing,” depicts a young woman, “Both my family as well as my choson’s family did not have the means to help us set up our home. I had no idea where I would get simple beds. Then you appeared! After receiving the basic furniture with which to begin our lives, my emotions let loose.  Tears of joy and relief suddenly began coursing down my cheeks!”

Chasdei Chashi L’Kallah’s recipients could be anyone. They could be your friends, your neighbors. They could even be your own relatives…. Indeed, those that show a smile on the outside and greet you amiably as if they had not a care in the world, may very well be crumbling under the financial pressures of marrying off a child. 

You too can take part in this special Mitzva of Hachnosas Kallah and help a Kallah’s joy shine through. 

It is only with your continued assistance that Chasdei Chashi can continue to help kallahs in need. Please join our campaign to join the auction or call 646.677.6767

Tizku L’mitzvohs!

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