Nachlas Bais Yaakov – Building A Beautiful Tomorrow

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Counting down to go to school.

Happy students, happy parents.

Cheerful sounds filling the halls.

That’s Nachlas Bais Yaakov.

With Lakewood growing rapidly each year, Nachlas came onto the scene to provide another school — but not just ‘another school.’

Nachlas Bais Yaakov is on a mission to look after each student so they can reach academic excellence. We built a school that feels like home, a place where our children can thrive and grow.

In just 6 years, Nachlas has grown from a playgroup-sized class of 25 students to a bustling school with 14 classes and 340 students.

But Lakewood needs more room for students.


With a larger building, Nachlas will be able to accommodate more students and keep growing.

More happy students skipping into school each day.

More energetic teachers cultivating children with love.

More beautiful classrooms encouraging real learning.

Nachlas provides a chinuch to forge confident, resilient women.

Look toward the future — Nachlas is building a beautiful tomorrow.

Join the success that is Nachlas Bais Yaakov.

Donate to the campaign now.