A broken yesoma turns to Am Yisroel

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I cannot put into the words the pain that we suffered. My mother died of cancer and left me and my four siblings as yesomim

Still, I must move on. Hakodosh Baruch Hu sent me my basheret and I will be married next month.

My father was a rebbe of young children for many years. Whatever he earns, he uses to pay for the household needs, and for the needs of my younger siblings. He does not have an extra shekel to pay for my chasusna.


I have nothing at all, not even clothing for my chasuna. I daven with tears every day that I should not be embarrassed on the day of my chasuna.

Please help me. I need money to pay for my chasuna. Please have mercy on me!

My mother was a big tzadekes. I know that in shomayim she is davening for all who help her daughter.

If you donate to my hachnosas kallah fund, I will read your names and requests on the day of my chasuna for your hatzlacha.

Hashem should bless you for taking care of his yesomim.