The fateful week of your lucky opening

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Dear fellow Jew!

The virtue of the holy days we are in now is well known and famous. The six weeks from Parshas Shemot to Parshas Mishpatim called the days of the Shovavim.

We are in the last week of these great days of the “Shovavim.”

The last chance where the serious flaws of the “Brit” offenses can be repaired, causing all the harsh decrees in the world and the sorrow and anguish that every person has.

Our Rabeinu HaAriza”l says that the exaltation of these days is very great. The gates of heaven are open for the prayers and in which all the most severe defects and transgressions can be corrected, thereby being a new person who is henceforth affected by good luck and abundance.

The Toldos Aharon rebbe says That the greatness of the days in these is just as in the ten days of Teshuvah.

The Holy “Zohar Hkodosh” writes that all the troubles and torments every person has in every generation are solely due to the terrible sin of פגם הברית shedding holy semen for nullification.

This sin creates tens of thousands of corrupting angels and lots of pests that revolve around a man and persecute him and Embittering his life.

Health difficulties, in the education of the children, in livelihood, in the home’s peace, and all sorts of troubles and severe torments result from this grave sin.

The only time this sin can be properly corrected is a complete correction in these weeks.

These are the last week of the year in which these sins can be corrected properly!

Take advantage of the short time window left and join the big Tikun (correction) of the Kabbalist Yeshiva Nahal Shalom that will be held this week on Thursday 02/11/2021, and you will have a good life and the opening of luck.

Do not miss the opportunity!

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