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75 Couples – 48 Hours. Can We? Rabbi Shlomo Bochner Makes a Plea From the Lakewood Community

Dear Friend,

​I need your help.

We are running a campaign to fund 75 couples in our Lakewood chapter that are in desperate need of financial assistance to pursue their dreams of parenthood.

​We are at our final 48 hours and we still need to raise over $700,000 for us to try to make these couple’s dreams a reality.

Please open your hearts. Join me in making a difference. Help me make sure that Bonei Olam can do what its always done and not chalilah have to turn anyone away.

Together, we can ensure that those who need Bonei Olam’s help can receive it, filling their lives with joy, laughter…and the dream of a child.

In the zechus of partnering with Bonei Olam in bringing Yiddishe kinder into the world, may you and your families be zocheh to an abundance of bracha, hatzlacha and nachas always.

​​Please click here ​​

Together, we will ensure that we will as always, continue to answer YES.​

Rabbi Schlomo Bochner

Founder and Executive Director,

Bonei Olam

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