Flatbush Family Devastated By Flood

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A frum family in our community had their house flooded and destroyed. None of the family’s possessions remained.

Their wardrobes were completely destroyed, and they need to purchase new clothing for every member of the family.

Besides losing the house, they lost thousands of dollars worth of personal belongings. THEY LOST EVERYTHING!


The flood took place in Flatbush a week ago. Since then, the family is displaced and they need to move into an apartment and need to get back on their feet. They are overwhelmed from this situation.

It is a real chaotic experience for the family! They are falling apart, and they need to go back to living normally in their own private apartment.

Community members have been working around the clock to raise money for them to go back to their own home, but it is not enough. They need more.

Purim is soon approaching. Let us give them light amid their darkness and donate to their fund. Your donation will bring this family home once again.

Rabbi Tobal of Eitz Chaim in Lakewood knows this family well and can verify this cause.

Tizku limitzvot