The Community Rabbi Who Has Been Declared Dead 4 Times from Covid-19 & Survives, Has a Message for the Community

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Hello my dear friends this is Rabbi Haim Benoliel, I wish to ask of you, if you can take on yourself to help a Community Rabbi who selflessly is devoted to Hashems Torah and Am Yisrael. Rabbi Avraham Rachamim Chaim Sofer went thru an ordeal where he was admitted to a Hospital in March of 2020, in the onset of the Pandemic.

He was on a ventilator and in the induced coma where The Rabbi developed a lot of bed sores and his left hand and left foot don’t function properly till today.

The hospitals in NYS were all immune from liability due to an Executive Order by Gov. Cuomo, now the Rabbi needs help with Dressing up and needs Aid with taking a shower his insurance refuses to pay for anything not even bandages he needs to care for his left heel that was cut off due to the hospital neglect.

The worse of all he can’t sue anyone.

Please help this TALMID CHACHAM with all that you can I’m asking you to see if you can commit to donate at least $150 per month and the rabbi needs 100 such people.


Rabbi Sofer thought and still teaches Torah without Charge even when the Rabbi helps local Yeshivas as a sub he wouldn’t charge any money.

Your donation and commitment to help the Community Rabbi will be a big ZECHUT for you, and help him to repay his current debts and pay for his daily life needs and continue to Learn and Teach our Holy Torah Free of Charge to all.

Thank You

Haim Benoliel


PS: Rabbi Sofer renegotiated with his debtors to pay back his DEBTS within 77 MONTHS.