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Kedoshei Meron Sefer Torah Initiative Launches


אחינו כל בית ישראל

This past Lag B’Omer 5781, the entire Jewish world was shocked to learn about the events on הר מירון.

We all cried.

We all davened.

We all gave.

Instead of pointing fingers, Klal Yisroel turned inward, and asked a special question only the sincerely righteous can ask: “How can WE do better?” “What can I do differently?”

מי כעמך ישראל

It’s no doubt these questions have reached the כסא הכבוד and brought unity beyond comprehension to help one another heal and commit to a better future where we know no more צער.

In light of this matzav, a special Kedoshei Meron Sefer Torah fund has been established. This Sefer Torah will be written in Achdus, supported by Yidden around the world and provide a continuous aliyah to the talmidim and fathers who’s lives were tragically taken.

The Sefer Torah will be a celebration of their lives, a celebration of what it means to truly live for the sake of Torah HaKadosha and aid in the healing of Klal Yisroel during this bitter and final galus.

Just as Hashem is One, Klal Yisroel is also one. We must demonstrate our achdus regardless of hashkafa. We must commit to an end to Sinas Chinom and Loshon Hara and be worthy of Geulah so we can dance with the brothers we lost in ירושלים הבנויה.

Information on כתב סת״ם to follow



Below is an alphabetical list of the names of the nifter, who IYH, will have a full parshah in the Kedoshei Meron Sefer Torah.

Ariel Ahdut

Rabbi Yisrael Alnakvah

Avrohom Daniel Ambon

Rabbi Moshe Bergman

Rabbi Yonoson Chevroni 

Yedidyia Chiyuis

Eliahu Cohen

Simcha Bunim Diskind

Chen Doron

Moshe Mordechai Elchad-Sharf

Yosef Dovid

Yehoshua Englander

Moshe Natan Englander

Tzadik Mordcha Yoel ben Avrum Yakovm Mordechai Fekete

Yedida Asher Fogel

Elazar Gefner

Rabbi Shragi Gestetner

Rabbi Eliezar Mordechai Goldberg

Rabbi Yosef Greenbaum

Rabbi Eliezer Tzvi Joseph

Nachman Kirshbaum

Rabbi Shmuel Zvi Klagsbald

Menachem Knoblowitz

Yossi Kohn

Eliezer Yitzchok Koltai

Rabbi David Krause

Shlomo Zalman Leibowitz

Yosef Yehuda Levi

Moshe Levy

Yosef Mastorov

Rabbi Shimon Matlon

Yishai Me’ulam

Yosef Yehuda Levi

Daniel (Donny) Morris,

Chaim Rock 

Rabbi Yehuda Leib Rubin

Rabbi Chaim Ozer Seller

Moshe Ben Shalom

Elkana Shila

Rabbi Chanoch Solod

Dov Steinmetz

Yaakov Elchanan Strakovsky

Yosef Amram Tauber 

Rabbi Ariel Tzadik

Rabbi Moshe Tzarfati

Rabbi  Menachem Asher Zeckbach


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