ArtScroll’s 30% Off Set Sale – An Amazing Opportunity to Fill Your Library!

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ArtScroll is now running an amazing 30% Off Set Sale on Chumash, Nach and Halachah titles. Use this incredible opportunity to purchase ArtScroll classics at the lowest prices of the year.

There are over 40 best-selling sets to choose from, including Midrash, Rashi, Onkelos, Sefer Hachinuch, Ramban, Ohr Hachaim, Baal Haturim, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, and much more!

To make a great opportunity even better, you’ll get free shipping in the United States on all orders over $49.

This is a sale not to be missed! Stock up on all of your gift giving needs for the entire year!

View the complete sale list at This sale is available at your local Hebrew bookseller in the USA or at and 1.800.MESORAH (637.6724).

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