Hodu LaHashem Ki Tov! 2 Shuvu Petach Tikva Families Saved from Rocket Attack!

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In last night’s missile barrage against Petach Tikva, the lives of two Shuvu families were saved miraculously.

As the principal of Shuvu Petach Tikva Mrs. Bat Sheva Kepler just told me, the Shama family is truly a “Shuvu Family”, with 3 children learning in the school. Their eldest is a boy, Shlomi, who learns in 6th grade, and then 2 daughters Orian in 4th grade and Adel in 2nd grade.  They have 3 more daughters who are younger, but the principal says they’ll Be”H also join the school when they get to 1st grade. (6 children is actually very unusual for a secular family, but maybe they don’t look at themselves as a secular family anymore!)

Last night the girls were sleeping in their bedroom when the mother, Karin, heard a loud boom. She immediately ran to wake up the children – even before the siren was sounded – and moved them to their Mamad (reinforced security room), which saved their lives. Seconds later a rocket hit their home, completely destroying the room where the girls were just sleeping. The father Reuven was sleeping in the living room, and of course was also awakened, and ran for shelter. 

Karin spoke to the principal today and repeated over and over again how Hashem protected them! Over the years they’ve become more and more connected to Yiddishkeit, and last night their Emunah couldn’t have been stronger, seeing how the Ribbono Shel Olam watched over them.

Please see the following article about the Shama family and their miracle, in the YNET article. 

And yet another miracle occurred with a Shuvu Petach Tikva family last night. 2nd grader Itai Litvinenko and his family decided to not sleep at home last night, and moved in with the grandparents who live nearby. Here too, Chasdei Hashem, as their home was completely destroyed by a rocket. 

Many of our schools are back learning by ZOOM due to the current situation in Israel. Besides the Torah and learning about Shavuos, much of the time spent with the children is spent calming them down, allowing the children to speak about their feelings – and of course, saying Tehillim.