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TTI Speech Clinics Allows You To Be Heard Again

Do you know someone who suffers from speech and communication challenges due to Aphasia? 

TTI Clinics are now open to the public!

TTI’s Parkinsons Voice Project Clinic and Aphasia Clinic

Many people with Parkinson’s suffer from a loss of control in their speech and swallowing skills. The Parkinson Voice Project, instituted by Samantha Elandary, has developed a program called SPEAK OUT to improve speech and communication skills.  This program focuses on “intent”, simply understood as concentrating on the oral functions that drive these abilities.

Our Aphasia clinic provides a supportive group setting to reach goals you’ve set for yourself.

This is a low-cost opportunity and can be done over Zoom video conferencing.


Find out more today:

Call: 718.938.5412



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