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How a ” Simple” Yid from Meah Shearim saved over 10 thousand lives!


In 2020, about a month after Corona virus hit Israel, a family reached out to Rabbi Markowitz -a medical askan from Meah Shearim; their father was suffering from low oxygen levels. He refused to be taken to the hospital due to the horror stories coming out of the hospitals. The family’s hands were tied. Rabbi Markowitz quickly summoned a doctor and brought an oxygen concentrator to the patient’s home. Within a few days, the patient was breathing on his own.

One patient led to another. Then 1 became 5, and 5 became 10. Chasdei Amram was formed. We are now 10,000 patients later. This yid from Meah Shearim took out personal loans and amassed 700 oxygen concentrators among other essential equipment. There are currently 15 locations throughout Eretz Yisroel servicing those in dire need of oxygen. Unfortunately, hundreds of calls still come in every single day. To our dismay, this is an ongoing problem.

Boruch Hashem, a choshuva Rav from Monsey stepped up to the plate and raised 60 thousand dollars to help repay this yungerman’s debt. Chasdei Amrom still needs thousands of dollars for equipment and  thousands of dollars more for the yungerman’s debt.


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Amazing bracha from R’ Yaakov Meir Shechter to those who donate.



A Gmar Chasima Tova