Mesikus HaTorah Van Raffle – Two Days Left To Buy!!

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WIN A BRAND NEW 2022 TOYOTA SIENNA (3 Year lease) OR $22,000! 

ONLY $150 a ticket!


This past Motzai Shabbos we reached 388 tickets sold!

The raffle is now still open two more days for anyone else that wishes to join.

The Mesikus HaTorah program runs in many Yeshivas, many Kollelim, including over half of the BMG Batei Medrash! The budget is over $900,000 a year.

Mesikus Hatorah provides financial incentives to Yungerleit and Bochurim to learn consecutively during the busiest times of the year

They have ZERO interruptions!

Because of this, their Sedorim have completely changed. The sweet success of uninterrupted learning has given them a strong, unequaled push to keep the momentum going.

You can help support this learning. CLICK HERE to buy a ticket now!

The drawing will be tomorrow, 12/28, at 11:30 PM.